That Time I Thought I Could Make it to Town at a Rasonable Hour

So a little background info before I just dive into this post. My amazing sister sent me a care package with beer and chocolate on one of her many snow days. I went to town (on Monday because it’s the only day I am done teaching at 9) to check my mail just shy of three weeks of here sending it. It wasn’t there. So I had to wait until next Monday for my beer and chocolate. Between that Monday and the next I had a pretty bad week. I found out a teacher is a creep (I always suspected it, but now it was confirmed) and I got more things stolen from me (my go pro, solar panel and inverter from America, and randomly my sun glasses). Needless to say, I was even more excited for this care package. But.. The customs guy who looks at all my stuff was gone. And that brings me to Thursday.

I was planning to go to town this weekend so I figured I’d go to Sumbawanga (my banking town) get my package real quick. Usually I can get on a bus or dala pretty quick down on my road. This Thursday though it took over an hour for a bus to come. By the time I got to town and piga storied with the customs officer and got to the bus stand it was already four o’clock! I had a six hour trip a head of me so that would put me there at 10. Later than I like but not too bad.

I got to Tunduma around 8 o’clock, so I was right on schedule to arrive at 10. Tunduma is a border town so the main road gets really backed up with big trucks so the busses go down a sketchy dirt road to avoid the traffic. This time there was a truck parked or stuck half way blocking the road. Luckily my bus didn’t think it could make it by without going in the ditch. We started backing up since there is no room to turn around. But then we take a sharp turn. My bus was trying to drive over the ditch to go around. So next thing I know we are stuck. The front wheel was on the top of one side of the ditch. The back bumper was on the top of the other side and the back tires were in the air over the center of the ditch. I wish I had pictures but my phone had about 8% left so I turned it off to save it in case we really were stranded and couldn’t get out of the situation.

I was tired so I went back on the bus while everyone just stood outside and watched. I could hear the engine revving and smell burning rubber. But then I realized there was no one else on the bus, not even the driver. I got out to see that a pickup truck thought it would get around this big semi on the side we were not stuck on and then it got stuck. I could see the whole underside of this pick up and it had its two front wheels on the side of the ditch. They finally go that unstuck so all the men went back to digging out the back of our bus and piling rocks under the tires. Then a motorcycle came to get around us. Others had been going around this whole time with no problem, but this guy must have got distracted trying to see what was happening because we went through a muddy spot and got a little stuck and him and the guy on the back fell off. They were going slow and were fine, it was actually pretty funny.

Eventually, after two hours, we got out and were on our way. I got into town around midnight. My site mate was already in town so he got the dorms in our guesti so I didn’t have to worry about finding a place to stay that was still open.

And that is the time I thought I could make it to town at a reasonable hour.


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