Things I Don’t Miss

Before coming to Tanzania I thought a lot about how different my life would be here. I knew there would be many things I would miss, but that is just part of the PeaceCorps experience. Obviously I miss my family and friends. I miss my dogs, Gaby and Ty. I miss reliable cell service and Netflix. But I was expecting that. However not everything I thought I would miss, I actually miss. There are probably more I can’t think of now but here are a few things that I don’t miss from America that I thought I would.


All the things that require are the things I don’t have.  Like a washer and dryer, a microwave or oven, or a tv. The only thing I need power for are my phone and laptop. My school has pretty decent solar so I can charge things at school. I kind of have solar lights but they don’t really do anything and after an hour they are out of power. I have one solar D-light (flash light type thing) so I can use that if I need to. Usually when it gets dark I’ll read a while then go to bed. Or now that I have a computer again I can watch a movie then go to bed. When I wake up the sun is up or rising so I don’t even need light. As far as cooking I have a gas jiko (propane tank with an element on it). I also use that for boiling water for drinking and heating water for bathing.

American Music

I thought I was going to miss listening to my American music and having access to Spotify Premium for free (thanks Starbucks) but I really don’t. That is all thanks to Bongo Flava!! I love Tanzania Music! I will definitely be introducing you all to it when I come home. If you want to start listening, here are a couple of my favorites!

**side note: You will notice that the women are wearing clothes that are not the most appropriate. I just think it is so interesting because even when I am in town where it’s cool to wear pants, I get looks from mamas and less respect than if I was in a long skirt.

Hair dryer and straightener

This one is pretty shallow, but just as true as the others. I would never ever wear my hair down without blow drying and straightening it in America. I didn’t necessarily think I would miss it but I thought that was something that would make me feel less like me. At first I was sick of my hair being frizzy and having to wear it up every day. But maybe it was after coming to Rukwa where it is not as humid or maybe it’s because I wash my hair significantly less now. Sijui (I don’t know). But I am a little less basic now.


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