I’m a Real Volunteer Now!

Hi everyone! It has been a crazy couple of weeks. I left and returned for my site visit, I said goodbye to my host family, I returned to Dar es Salam for final training and preparations for swearing in, and I SWORE IN AS A PEACE CORPS VOLUNTEER!


I swore in on September 21st, along with 50 others. This was especially significant in my new world because this day is the birthday of Peace Corps and the International Day of Peace. We all said our oath of service, led by Deputy Chief of Missions of the U.S. Embassy to Tanzania Virginia Blaser. And our oath was received on behalf of the government of Tanzania by Salum Salum from the Ministry of Education.


If you follow this link you will find a video of us preforming a song written by some of my fellow volunteers. There are some very talented volunteers here and  they did an amazing job on this song! Everyone loved it!!

Before we swore in we had a chance to dedicate our service to someone. There were so many people I wanted to dedicate my service to, but I decide to dedicate my service to my little brother Jack. After being here just two months I have had the chance to work in the schools doing internship teaching. The students I have been working with are the same age as Jack, just starting secondary school. Here in Tanzania the medium of teaching in primary school is Kiswahili and once they start secondary school it switches to English. The national tests are in English and if you do not pass national tests you cannot continue your education. These students work so hard but are in the unfortunate situation that their instruction and testing are in their second language. On top of the language challenge, the schools are very poor and rarely do students have access to text books or other teaching materials. So seeing all these kids who keep telling me someday they want to go to America, I think of my little brother. My little brother who at the same point in school as these students has so many more opportunities and is set up better for success.  So I dedicate my service to him. Because he has so many opportunities and so much potential. I have never met a 14 year old as smart as him and I don’t think I ever will. One day I know he will make a positive impact like I am trying to now.



4 thoughts on “I’m a Real Volunteer Now!

  1. Wonderful! May you find that through your time and effort this time of giving becomes the highlight of your life thus far. May you also find that when you return you have thousand of fond memories you will cherish the remainder of your life and then share them with your children and family. Enjoy both the challenges and the blessings of serving. Darrell Nygard


  2. Thank you so much Caity! I was reading this in my biology class and I started to tear up. I was not expecting this. I will definitely grow up to make a difference!
    Love you, Jack


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