My Fake Bucket Bath

Tonight I took a fake bucket bath. Here is what happened…

I think it was about a week and a half ago now, we made water filters to bring to our homestay. The filter is two 5 gallon buckets stacked on each other with a filter in the top bucket so drinking water goes into the bottom bucket. The bottom bucket has a spout that you can turn open and shut. When I first had water in my bucket I realized that my spout wasn’t closed. Luckily I noticed before it made a huge mess.

This morning I saw my floor was a little wet and thought it was my filter. So while I was at school today I put a bucket under the spout to catch any leaks. When I can home (after being gone 11 hours) the bucket was empty. So thinking it was okay, I put my filter back on the floor where I keep it. Then I went to help make dinner, which consists of my watching the mamas cook, and then watched the news with baba. So now I have been out of my room for two hours and I come back to get ready for my bucket bath and there is water everywhere!!

Now if I hadn’t just spilled nearly five gallons on my floor a week ago this would not have been a problem. But I did. And I was too embarrassed to show them what happened with out having the vocabulary to explain why there was a puddle in my room. Again.

I grab my body towel, hand towel, and my two piece kanga and start trying to mop this mess up. Now I need to ring them out but if I went outside to do that they would all see. So I used my bath bucket which I keep in my room with my bathing water. So I Finally get this cleaned up and my bucket is already a third full of dirty floor water. I’m pretty sure I scooped up a couple spiders. So I added more bathing water then I went out and added hot water and went and pretend I was in the bathroom bathing.

The green bucket is my bath water, light blue is my bath bucket (currently catching drips from my kanga), the top blue bucket and white bucket are my filter, and the green thing down on the side is there to catch what ever water is left in there.

Now that I think about it though, that water was probably cleaner than what I usually have. Since it was boiled water filtered and my bath water is just straight from the river. Hopefully this isn’t a mistake I will make a third time.


9 thoughts on “My Fake Bucket Bath

  1. I love reading about your new life adventures. You are amazing, not too many of us could do what you are doing! Keep the stories coming!!!!


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