Pole Pole Ndio Mwendo

IMG_3945I’ve been in Tanzania two weeks now and with my home stay family for one week. I’m staying with the Ndohelo family. There are, I think, eight people living here but it keeps changing. There is definitely more in the family that live in the area that are in and out, possibly the neighbors.  I still can’t really have a conversation with anyone or even say a whole sentence without stopping to think about what I am saying. When I finally get out something that sounds close to Kiswahili I get the response “pole pole” which translates to slow. My Baba (father) keeps telling me that in three weeks I will know Kiswahili. I hope he is right! I have learned a lot more than I could have imagined in such a short time.

We are in language classes eight hours a day about three days a week. Then we go home to a family who has been told to not speak English to us even if they know how to. So it makes sense I have learned so much. When we aren’t in language classes we are at the teacher training college in the nearby town learning how to teach here and how to be a volunteer living in Tanzania in general. Sunday was our first day off but when you don’t know the language they speak in your home, you don’t get a day off. My dada (sister) saw how tired I was while studying and told me to go rest so I was able to get a nap in! Here they say “nimekulala fofofo” which basically means I slept like a log.

I’ll try to post some pictures later. I have been posting on Instagram because it’s easier. You can see my recent Instagram pictures by clicking the menu tab and scrolling to the bottom.


3 thoughts on “Pole Pole Ndio Mwendo

  1. WooHoo !! So excited to see your post. Sounds like they are keeping you very busy, that is some pretty intense language study. I imagine it is not the easiest language to learn? Still hard to believe you are half way around the world. I love the pictures, the most recent one on instagram was very cool. You will have to get a picture of yourself in one of them. So awesome that you are living your dream!! Keep the posts coming whenever you have time. ~Jody


  2. Wow, so glad to get to keep up with what you are doing! This one made me chuckle, it must be so hard to be surrounded by a language that you can’t understand, plus they have some crazy words. Keep it up you brave, adventurous young woman!


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